14 & 15 july 2017

The Tanzanian Fair Competition Commission, the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority of Tanzania, REPOA, the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development, and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa are honoured to host the 3rd Annual Competition and Economic Regulation (ACER) Week in Southern Africa. ACER provides a valuable platform for competition authorities and regulators to share knowledge, keep abreast of key developments across the region, and build networks for collaboration between agencies.

The conference seeks to address issues of direct interest to competition authorities, economic regulators and industrial policy practitioners in Southern Africa (SADC countries).

Keynote speakers already identified, alongside heads of regional authorities, include Professor Eleanor Fox (Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation at New York University School of Law), Professor Samuel Wangwe (Chairman of Daima Associates and Principal Research Associate at the Economic and Social Research Foundation and REPOA), Dr Antonio Andreoni (Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University and advisor on industrial policy), and Dr Hazel Gray (Lecturer at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, and Research Fellow at London School of Economics).

Proposed papers are invited on issues of competition, industrial policy and economic regulation. These will be selected from the abstracts submitted. Papers are especially invited which fall within the following key themes:

  • The interface between industrial development, inclusive growth and competition
  • Issues and challenges in energy regulation, including: 

o    Extending access to energy: lessons and experiences from SADC countries  

o    Meeting regional energy needs: evaluating regional power pools and harmonization ofregulatory principles and standards

o    Independent power producers and renewable energy

  • Competition and regional integration, with focus on developing an effective regime for assessing regional mergers and prosecuting cross-border cartels
  • Regional value chains as a driver of industrialisation (including the complex role of large and lead firms in driving value chain development while guarding against exclusionary behaviour)
  • Alternative approaches to development finance and industrial policy for Southern Africa

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words. Abstracts may be submitted to infoccred@uj.ac.za on or before 24 March 2017. Acceptance of papers will be communicated by 7 April 2017. Final papers must be submitted by 19 June 2017.

ACER 2017 booking form can be found here.

For more information, please visit the CCRED website: http://www.competition.org.za/conference/

Queries can be directed to Farisai Chinanga. Tel: +27 11 559 7522. E-mail: farisaic@uj.ac.za