2015 Working Papers

2015/1 Fessehaie, J. (2015). Regional Industrialisation Research Project: Case Study on the Mining Capital
Equipment Value Chain in South Africa and Zambia

2015/2 Kaziboni, L., Mondliwa, P. and Robb, G. (2015). Towards an understanding of the economy of Johannesburg: Industrial nodes.

2015/3 Ncube, P., Roberts, S. and Vilakazi, T. (2015). Study of Competition in the Road Freight Sector in the SADC Region - Case Study of Fertilizer Transport and Trading in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi. 

2015/4 Banda, F., Robb, G., Roberts, S. and Vilakazi, T. (2015). Review Paper One: Key debates in competition, capabilities development and related policies: drawing the link between barriers to entry and inclusive growth.

2015/5 Banda, F., Robb, G. and Roberts, S. (2015). Review Paper Two: the links between competition policy, regulatory policy and trade and industrial policies.

2015/6 Fessehaie, J, das Nair, R., Ncube, P. and Roberts, S. (2015). Growth promotion through industrial strategies – a study of Zambia.

2015/7 Baloyi, B. and Zengeni, T. (2015). Regional Industrialization Research project: Case study on Transport infrastructure value chain in South Africa and Mozambique

2015/8 Robb, G. and Vilakazi, T. (2015). Mobile Payments Markets in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe: A Comparative Study of Contestability and Outcomes. 

2015/9 das Nair, R. and Dube, S.C. (2015). Competition, barriers to entry and inclusive growth: Case study on Fruit and Veg City.

2015/10 Montmasson-Clair, G. and das Nair, R. (2015). The Importance of Effective Economic Regulation for inclusive Growth: Lessons from South Africa's Renewable Energy Programmes.  

2015/11 Matumba, C. and Mondliwa, P. (2015). Barriers to Entry for Black Industrialists - The Case of Soweto Gold's Entry into Beer. 

2015/12 Makhaya, T., and Nhundu, N. (2015). Competition, barriers to entry and inclusive growth - Capitec case study.

2015/13 das Nair, R. and Chisoro, S. (2015). The expansion of regional supermarket chains: Changing models of retailing and the implications for local supplier capabilities in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

2015/14 Fessehaie, J, Roberts, S. and Takala-Greenish, L. (2015). Key findings from case studies of mining capital equipment, infrastructure inputs and soy agro-processing in Southern Africa and implications for regional industrial development agenda.

2015/15 Roberts, S. and Vilakazi, T. (2015). Understanding firm behaviour and the implementation of competition policy as part of an inclusive growth agenda for South Africa.

2015/16 Montmasson-Clair, G. and das Nair, R. (2015). The importance of effective economic regulation and coordinated institutions for inclusive growth: Lessons from South Africa’s renewable energy programmes in the Electricity Supply Industry. 

2015/17 das Nair, R. and Chisoro, S. (2015). The expansion of regional supermarket chains

2014 Working Papers

2014/1 das Nair, R. and Lewis, D. (2014). Corruption and Competition. Background Paper for the 13th meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Competition held in Paris, France on 27-28 February 2014.

2014/2 Makhaya, T. and Roberts, S. (2014). The changing strategies of large corporations in South Africa under democracy and the role of competition law

2014/3 Tregenna, F. and Kwaramba, M. (2014). A Review of the International Trade Administration Commission's Tariff Investigation Role and Capacity

2014/4 Hekima Advisory. (2014).  The Role of CIDB in limiting Construction Industry Cartels

2014/5 Abrahams, L., Kedama, Y., Naidu, E. and Pillay, K. (2014). Regulating Radio-Frequency Spectrum to advance the Digital Economy: Issues of Economic Regulation for the Electronic Communications Sector

2014/6 Hawthorne, R., Goga, S., Sihin, R. and Robb, G. (2014). Review of the Competition Commission Banking Enquiry

2014/7 Hawthorne, R. (2014). Review of economic regulation of the telecommunications sector

2014/8 Mondliwa, P. and Roberts, S. (2014). Review of economic regulation of liquid fuels and related products

2014/9 Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS). (2014). Review of regulation in the Ports Sector

2014/10 Baloyi, B. (2014). The role of South Africa’s freight rail regulatory framework in General Freight’s sluggish growth performance 

2014/11 Montmasson-Clair, G., Moilwa, K. and Ryan, G. (2014). Regulatory Entities Capacity Building Project 
Review of Regulators Orientation and Performance: Review of Regulation in Renewable Energy 

2014/12 das Nair, R., Montmasson-Clair, G. and Ryan, G. (2014). Regulatory Entities Capacity Building Project 
Review of Regulators Orientation and Performance: Review of Regulation in the Electricity Supply Industry

2014/13 Paelo, A., Robb, G., and Vilakazi, T. (2014). Study on Barriers to Entry in Liquid Fuel Distribution in South Africa

2012 Working Papers

2012/1 Mncube, L and Bonakele, T. ‘Designing Appropriate Remedies for Competition Law Enforcement: The Pioneer Foods Settlement Agreement’

2012/2 Murgatroyd, R. and Swan, A. ‘Developments in Unilateral Effects Analysis: Price Pressure Tests’ 

2012/3 Parr, G. ‘Squeezing the Margin Squeeze Abuse Into the South African Competition Act

2012/4 Roberts, S. ‘Effects-Based Tests for Abuse of Dominance in Practice: the Case of South Africa

2012/5 Darji, R., Grimbeek, S. and Muzata, G. ‘The Impact Of Antitrust Fines On Firm Valuation In South Africa: The Case Of Pioneer Foods, Tiger Brands And Sasol Chemical Industries

2012/6 Khumalo, J., Mashiane, J. and Roberts, S. ‘Harm and Overcharge in the South African Precast Concrete Products Cartel’, 

2012/7 Mackenzie, N. ‘Replacing Section 8(D) Of The South African Competition Act With An ‘Effects-Based on Exclusionary Abuse Of Dominance Provision

2012/8 Maphwanya, R., Muzata, T. and Robb, G. ‘The Comforts And Discomforts Of Using Quantitative Tests And Other Tools In Defining Antitrust Markets With Complex Competitive Dynamics: A Review Of Evidence From A Complaint And Two Mergers

2012/9 Muzata, T.G., Roberts, S. and Vilakazi, T. ‘Penalties And Settlements For Cartels In South Africa Seen Through An Economics Lens’

2012/10 Felet, A., Fiandeiro, F. and Lishman, D. ‘Do Hospital Mergers Lead To Healthy Profits?’

2012/11 Goga, S. “Designated Service Providers: Raising Barriers or enhancing Competition