South Africa’s municipal electricity tariffs are hurting the economy

South Africa’s machinery and equipment industries have recently come under huge pressure. Falling demand after the 2008 financial crisis and rising energy costs have harmed the sector. These trends are concerning as the sector employs 10% of the country’s total manufacturing workforce.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s ‘new dawn’ needs vision and smart programmes for reindustrialisation

At the heart of the upheaval in SA in recent years is the poor performance of the economy, underpinned by an evolving political settlement that has not benefited the majority. In his inaugural state of the nation address President Cyril Ramaphosa made industrialisation and increasing investment the main priorities for reviving the economy, announcing an investment conference and jobs summit to take place later this year. He has just kicked off an international drive to lure investors.

Call made for ‘broad coalition’ to reverse South Africa’s premature deindustrialisation

A new no-holds-barred study of South Africa’s economic transformation over the past two decades concludes that the country has not only deindustrialised prematurely, but has also failed to materially transform its economic structure to one that encourages inclusive growth and development.

South Africa’s economy is badly skewed to the big guys: how it can be changed

The South African economy looks uncomfortably the same to the one inherited when the country transitioned from apartheid to democracy in 1994. Which is why it’s time for a robust economic policy agenda to make it more open, productive and inclusive.

Structural transformation, competition and economic power: the need for better policies

The economy remains highly concentrated and existing firms have substantial advantages over entrants and smaller rivals. These firms can use their power to block rivals, also by influencing regulations in their favour. Changing the structure and the ownership of the economy simultaneously requires a package of measures to tackle the abuse of market power by large firms, change regulations to open up markets, and effectively support the development of the capabilities of smaller firms.