African governments have started review of trade competition law, policy - Mwanakatwe

Edwin Mbulo

COMMERCE minister Margaret Mwanakatwe says African governments have commenced a review of the trade competition law and policy. Speaking during the 2nd Annual Competition and Economic Regulation (ACER) for southern Africa opening ceremony at the Avani Hotel in Livingstone on Friday, Mwanakatwe said the gathering demonstrated an open-door policy for new ideas and willingness to exchange views on how best to improve markets. “I am happy to inform you that we have started the process of reviewing our current competition law and policy in order to assess opportunities to enhance competition,” Mwanakatwe said. She added that African governments must consider establishing strong capacities of regulatory and competition agencies if they were to cope with emerging issues. Mwanakatwe said revision of trade laws and policies would help to coordinate enforcement regulations, ensure competences and success, and also share resources and expertise in resolving issues that require expertise and resources. She said it was imperative for African countries to synergise efforts and develop mechanisms to exchange information that would lead to effective long-term solutions to cross border competition. “My government is committed to ensuring that market participants in the economy are trading on a level playing field by ensuring that the markets are fair as guided by the competition and consumer protection policy. The increasing dynamics in today’s political economy demands that all market players and law enforcement agencies move with the current best practices in the competition law fraternity,” said Mwanakatwe. And Simon Roberts, a representative of the Centre for Competition Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED), welcomed the delegates who include legal practitioners, experts in competition law, regulators and the private sector to the conference, which is being hosted by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. - See more at: