CCRED undertakes economic research, teaching and advice on competition, regulation and industrial development
in Africa.

The economics of competition and regulation is central to understanding the nature and trajectory of economic growth and development. 

Through detailed examination of markets and firm behaviour, within and across countries, we seek to explain development outcomes. This involves analysing how dimensions of power and different interests have shaped decisions on investment in expanding networks, services and production and pricing of goods and services.

Such an approach highlights the roles of institutions, market structures and regulation in whether productive capabilities are built or firms secure control over rents at the expense of consumers. CCRED research engages critically with causes, dynamics and outcomes.

With a strong team, CCRED has established a rigorous research base with recent projects for competition authorities, regulators, governments and international organisations. Key focus areas include understanding barriers to entry and participation in the economy, competition in selected sectors and countries, regional value chains and industrial development. Read more about CCRED